YWCA CREW learns about financial aid

A guest post from Intern Anna Patterson

The APP team visited YWCA-Woodlawn last week to discuss college preparation and financial aid awareness with the students of the YWCA’s Creating Responsible Educated Working Teens (CREW) program.

To start the afternoon, APP staff split up into teams with the CREW students to play “The M&M Game,” a Blueprints favorite that teaches students about the many types of financial aid that make going to college possible. The students were eager to learn valuable tips and share their knowledge about financial aid with us.  As one student commented after the M&M game, “There’s lots of money out there, you just have to know where to find it.”

Amerircorps*VISTA Kevi Martin and BSC Hess Fellow Samantha Bisese then shared a presentation and led a conversation with students about preparing for college.  One 9th grade student was excited to learn that her extracurricular activities will help strengthen her college applications.  Another student who plans to start college next month was surprised to learn that he can still apply for scholarships.

Blueprints works to create a college going culture by equipping students with resources and skills they need to navigate the college application process.  As I watched students eagerly pick up sample college applications after the presentation, I saw this motivation in action. Our visit planted the seed of confidence and possibility and the students were responding enthusiastically.

Anna is a rising sophomore at Elon University in North Carolina.  She is majoring in Sociology and Journalism.


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