College Search Worksheet

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College Search

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When searching for the college that’s the best fit for you, it’s important to know what your priorities are. Here are some things to consider carefully:

  • Academic Programs. If you know what you want to study, it’s important to choose a school that has a strong program in your area of interest. If you don’t know what you want to study, look for a college that offers a range of programs, as well as academic counseling.
  • Size of the Student Body. The number of students attending a college will affect the range of subjects you can study, the number of extracurricular activities offered, and the amount of personal attention you’ll receive.
  • Diversity. Think about what you might gain from belonging to a diverse student body and find out what kinds of ethnic or religious student organizations are active on campus.
  • Location. Do you want to go somewhere that’s close to home? Would you prefer the pace of life in a city or in a small town?
  • Campus Life. Where do students live—on campus or off campus? What extracurricular activities, athletics, or special programs are available? Are there ethnic or religious groups that will make you feel like you belong or fraternities and sororities? These are all important questions to ask when you are imagining yourself living the life of a college student.
  • Cost. The cost of a college education is a serious consideration. However, most colleges offer students from all backgrounds financial aid that will allow them to attend. When you see a college’s tuition price tag, don’t panic—you’ll find out the real cost after including scholarships and financial aid.


Now it’s time for you to begin your own college search!

Go to the College Board website to use their College MatchMaker search. Here’s the link:

Find out which colleges are best for you by filling out your preferences for type, location, majors, cost & financial aid, admissions, sports & activities, housing & programs, and specialized options.

When you get your search results, choose three colleges that interest you. For each one you pick, fill out details in each category about why this college might be the right one for you.




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